Since Covid

Since the coronavirus has made it’s way into the world, comedy has all but been canceled. We have finally been able to secure a refund to those who had purchased tickets to our March 21st show.  We look forward to bringing another show and continuing our mission of “delivering one-of-a-kind Comedians and Comedy Shows that help benefit non-profits in the name of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.”

I personally have been doing anything and everything to survive and support my family.  From driving with Uber, delivering with Grub Hub, and donating plasma, God has given me plenty of opportunities to earn daily bread and we are grateful.  I have also been able to perform and work with my sister company No Sleeves Magic.  As well, there has been maybe 3 opportunities to perform comedy, mostly unpaid. But again, we are counting our blessings.  I look forward to performing again soon!

In the meantime, If you would like a Social Distanced Magic Show or Portable Escape room experience, visit No Sleeves Magic at

I am still performing comedy for small and virtual audiences.  Your prayers are welcome and appreciated.


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