“John Felts was excellent! The people really loved him. Not only is he a very funny comedian, but he also has a great personality and is very good with talking people both before and after the show. John has a way of making people feel relaxed and comfortable. He seems genuinely interested in people as he asks them questions about themselves and their families, etc. You just cannot help but to really like this guy! I highly recommend him and the comedy show he puts on. We live in a world that constantly bombards us with a lot of bad news. John brings us much needed smiles and laughter. With John, the old saying is proven very true: ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine!”

Associate Minister
Outreach Event
Middletown, OH

“We were very happy with John Felts! He was very funny and set a great tone for our whole evening!!”

Executive Director
Singles Night
Owosso, MI

“John Felts put on an amazing show! Very funny and very relevant to our student body! John spent the day gathering information about our campus and visiting with students so that our night was tailored to us! It’s hard to find a comedian who will do that. We loved John and would have him back!”

Director of Campus Life
HU Family Weekend
Searcy, AR

“John Felts did an excellent job for our church. He did some prep work ahead of time to personalize his performance. He actually spoke for us in all 3 of our Sunday morning services and even added some new material each time. We couldn’t have been any happier! Thanks so much!”

Church Services
Oakland, MD

“John Felts was such a joy to have at our 15th Annual Father Daughter Gala. He performed at our Gala 4 yrs ago and we were thrilled to have him back. He kept our audience roaring with laughter most of his performance. His quick wit and ability to connect with all in attendance is amazing. Thanks so much John for being so genuine & kind. Can’t wait to have you back!!”

Assistant Director
15th Annual Father Daughter Gala
Mountain Lake Park, MD

“We had John Felts for an volunteer appreciation event at our church and he was amazing. I was very impressed by the amount of homework he did about our church and our area to personalize his act. He was very friendly and hug around after the event to meet and talk with our people. Great Job!!!!!!”

Volunteer Appreciation Night
Avon, MA

“John Felts was amazing! This was the second time we had hosted a John Felts Clean Comedy Show in the past 15 months. When John first came, he kept our folks in stitches laughing so hard, for a full 75 minutes! This next time – he did it again! John has a unique way of connecting with his audience, with folks of all ages. He does this, among other things, with a self-deprecating approach that is genuine, and that draws the audience to himself. His engagement of folks in the organization he is working with is another thing that sets him apart. I love how he perused our social media pages and uses what he finds to add to his show. He makes the audience feel that they themselves are a part of the show. John’s energy is boundless. There is no organization for which I would not recommend him! There is no better entertainment value!”

Lead Pastor
Comedy Night
Burlington, NC

“John Felts was amazing!! He customized his material to fit the group – it was absolutely perfect. He had us rolling on the floor with laughter. He connected with everyone in the audience. The material and delivery was just simply amazing. I lost count of the members that told me that this was one of the best nights of their life and that they hadn’t laughed this much in years. John has a wonderful personality and was professional at every moment. We could not have been any more satisfied with John’s performance.”

Event Planner
Member Appreciation Banquet
La Grange, NC

“John Felts was not only hilarious, he was personal and prepared. We had a diverse age crowd and his wit was engaging and kept the audience at the edge of their seats. I would HIGHLY recommend John for any kind of performance.”

Senior Pastor
Laugh Your Heart Out Loud Comedy Night
Onalaska, WI

“John Felts was one of two featured comedians on the bill of our Comedy Show for racial unification. He was hilarious and had the very diverse crowd fired up and laughing very quickly. He’s a real pro. We also very much appreciated the clean comedy and felt John’s jokes were very tasteful. He was also great interacting with the crowd. Everyone I spoke to after the event was saying how much the enjoyed him. We definitely hope to have him back sometime soon.”

Assistant to the Director Superintendent
Comedy Event
Wilmington, NC

“We had John as our entertainer for our Valentines Banquet and he nailed it! We had quite the spectrum of ages represented, from 20 somethings to 87 year olds and he connected with everyone. When I walked into church the next morning a couple off people told me they were sore from laughing so hard. Others are already wanting to line him up for other events in the future. He was very accommodating and a pleasure to work. We look forward to the next time!”

Valentines Event
Wilmington, NC

“Because of some scheduling conflicts, John was able to fill in for us with not a whole lot of notice. I’m a believer that things happen for a reason and the scheduling conflict brought John to us and we are so glad. We gave him some information about our group just a few hours before he was to go on and he ran with it and put up a very hilarious performance. He was interactive with our group (mostly truck part salespeople). I was looking around and everyone was laughing for 45 minutes straight. Our business experienced some challenges in 2018. John really gave us a moral boost with his comedy which I think will kick us off on the right foot in 2019!”

Stone Truck Parts
Annual Retreat
Wilmington, NC

“John Felts was outstanding as a comedian speaker. It was a great evening and everyone had a blast! Some were saying they did not know a comedian could talk for an hour and not be boring. They loved it. A great thing was that we had a good turn out of people that were not members of our church. Hopefully will get some to come back off the great response we received from them. They were still talking on Sunday and laughing. We will have him back sometime in the future.”

Social Concerns Committee Member
Comedy Show
Bellville, TX

“John Felts was a genuine class act. He had a preliminary phone call with us to get to know our company, took our company & employee information and worked it into his skit. John arrived early to make sure we had everything set up for him to make his stand-up run smoothly. John talked with lots of our employees prior to the show and made everyone feel included. We could tell he put in the time to get to know us and it paid off. John kept the whole crowd laughing continuously for the hour he was on stage and before and after the show. If you have the opportunity to have John at one of your events, do it! You will not be disappointed.”

Human Resources Manager
Company Holiday Celebration
Green Bay, WI

“John Felts is professional and easy to work with. I really appreciated that John went the extra mile to research the youth groups that would be present at our event and to incorporate things from their environments into the show. The attendees were surprised and honored that he took the time to know them.”

Director of Programming
Christian Youth Retreat
Lake Junaluska, NC

“John Felts is a great comedian, with a flair for making his show personal. His crowd interaction was actually the funniest part of his act. We will definitely recommend him to anybody looking for a good clean night of comedy.”

Christmas Celebration
Beaufort, SC

“John Felts did a great job! He impressed the entire crowd by engaging early and often with the group during cocktail hour. His performance was raved about by the group!”

Event Planner
Company Christmas Party
Bowling Green, FL

“John was great right from the beginning. He kept everyone laughing for 75 minutes. Everyone was impressed with his research about our group and his creativity was spot on. I would highly recommend John Felts.”

Company Christmas Party
Van Wert, OH

“John Felts did a great job entertaining our people and our people really enjoyed him!”

Executive Pastor
Volunteer Appreciation Banquet
Dallas, TX

“As far as John Felts, his performance, & his character, we could not have been more pleased. We had a very diverse crowd and we were all in stitches the entire time. His thoughtfulness to research our community and our school really showed his level of dedication to his client and his craft. It gave the performance a personal touch that was appreciated by everyone. John really went above and beyond what we expected and I can’t say enough nice things about him. I would definitely recommend him for entertainment at any event. It was our pleasure to have him at our annual auction, he really made the night one to remember.”

Annual Fundraiser
Mesa, AZ

“We could not be more satisfied with John’s performance! From beginning to end, he had all of us rolling! He had asked a few questions about our church beforehand, and he customized his material to suit us. It was great to have so many of our congregation together laughing at his jokes, and laughing at each other. Words cannot express enough how great he was, it was truly a blessing having him at our church! He was on time, professional, and so friendly. Highly recommended!”

Outreach Event
Middletown, OH

“Despite being sick, John Felts delivered a powerful, energized, hilarious performance to our church’s marriage event! Couples had the chance to laugh together through John’s comic routine, which provided them with much needed reconnection and healing! John did his homework about our church and community to customize his material and make it relevant to our specific church and area! He is truly a gifted professional comedian and an amazing, very personable performer! May God Bless John Felts family and career abundantly more than he ever thought to ask! I highly recommend Comedian John Felts!”

Marriage Ministry Leader
“Come Laugh With Me” Date Night
Culpeper, VA

“John Felts knocked it out of the park again. He was so good the first time, we hired him for the same event in back-to-back years. He brought all new material and did a great job.”

Campus Ministry Fundraiser
Memphis, TN

“John Felts was a phenomenal comedian! He did an outstanding job researching our church and community. The crowd LOVED how he incorporated the information into his jokes! John truly has a gift. He could tell jokes right off the cuff and they were hilarious! He has such a great disposition and was so easy to work with. It was like we knew him for years. His generosity towards our fundraiser was so gracious and thoughtful. We thoroughly enjoyed his comedy act and we hope to have him back in the future! I highly recommend John Felts for any event.”


“John Felts did a wonderful job at our event. He really pulled the audience in; every age group seemed to enjoy it. We had some great laughs at our banquet. I will definitely recommend him to others. He even promoted our ministry for us. I give him 5 stars.”

Executive Assistant to Director
Annual Fundraiser Banquet
Tifton, GA

“John Felts did a good job of research on our community so that he could personalize his presentation. We received great feedback from our guests. He was very easy to work with and I would recommend him wholeheartedly!”

Home Products Dinner
Ulysses, KS

“John Felts is very personable and easy to work with. He does his homework and he knew who we were and he personalized his show and helped us laugh at ourselves. We had such a good time with John, we would recommend him for any venue! Comedy is subjective, but we all had good belly laughs with John. Thanks for a great show John!!”

Church Service
Richmond, VA

“John Felts was great to work with. He was friendly and professional, showed up early, and reminded me several times that he is flexible to work some things out. His show was hilarious and personal. He did his research and connected with our students personally. He rolled with the crowd well and kept people laughing. Some students came in skeptics, but left impressed. One student in particular came expecting to leave early, but stayed for the whole show due to how funny John was. After the show, John stuck around to meet students, take pictures, and speak with some of our leadership. I have already recommended him to another nearby college, and look forward to bringing him back here one day.”

Coordinator for Campus Activities
Welcome Week
Central, SC

“John Felts did a great job at our first comedy night Fundraiser. Honestly, I was a little nervous with him being relatively unknown around here, but I laughed almost nonstop. I’ve received great feedback from people as well. He did a great job personalizing his material for our town and especially our Pizza King. He was friendly and professional as well. I’d recommend him for sure.”

Development Team Member
Connersville, IN

“John Felts was extraordinary. Prior to the event, we were in regular contact. On the day of the event, he arrived early and was well-prepared for the event. His audiovisual use of information provided to him allowed him to connect quickly with the crowd of nearly 200, most of whom were teenagers. John was warm, transparent, engaging, and extremely funny. Woven within his comedy were messages of character and responsibility. He might have arrived as a stranger to our audience, but he left a rock star. We hope to be able to work with John again one day.”

Associational Missionary
Mission Serve Ralley
Walterboro, SC

“John Felts was funnier than I expected! Better than the youtube videos available. He studied our audience well to immediately engage at a personal level. He had the grade school kids laughing with the white haired octogenarians. He graciously catered to our location, budget, accommodations as a friend. We plan to have him back again!”

Music Pastor
Church Family Celebration
Louisville, KY

“Our audience LOVED John Felts! He did such a great job of connecting with them, making eye contact, and speaking to young and old as if he has known us for years. He did his research on our church and he was able to incorporate that into the act! I heard nothing but positive comments about John, and I would HIGHLY recommend him, especially for anyone looking for clean, family friendly humor.”

Event Planner
Church Anniversary Celebration
Pittsburgh, PA

“John Felts is extremely funny, friendly and can easily relate to any group that he is asked to perform for. It was an amazing night . We had volunteers of all ages at our event and there was something for everyone. Everyone was laughing the entire night.”

Director of Production
Volunteer Appreciation Event
Northville, MI

“The audience really connected with John Felts at my client appreciation event. All of the feedback I heard was very positive. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking for entertainment that will leave a lasting impression. He is also clean, so you do not have to worry about offending anyone (unless they are a cat lover). I will recommend him to my colleagues looking to host similar events.”

Financial Associate
Client Appreciation Event
Melbourne, FL

“John felts did a great job, both as a MC and also as our comedic entertainment. He set the stage early by doing a bit with his using the internet search on our area and playing off of the information he found. He is warm and personable and plays well to the crowd.”

Vice President of Human Resources
Employee Recognition Dinner
Somers Point, NJ

“John Felts made our Volunteer Appreciation Night a blast! The audience, consisting of mixed ages, appreciated the humor throughout the show as was heard from the many laughs. I have been getting nothing but excellent feedback from the people who attended and them asking for his information as well. If any organization is looking for good, clean comedy, John Felts is your guy!!”

Guest Services
Volunteer Appreciation Party
Farmingdale, NJ

“Comedian John Felts was an absolute pleasure to work with! He made the entire process so easy, from initial booking, planning the details via quick and efficient e-mail communication, arriving early to set up, knocking the performance out of the ball park (or in our case golf course) and talking with the guests after the performance. The level of professionalism, combined with the ability to entertain was so impressive.

Members of our group were somewhat skeptical of a comedy fundraiser because we had never done this type of event before. But as they were leaving, everyone was commenting that they hoped we would make this an annual event.

It was so wonderful to see a room with such a diverse age range (grandparents, parents and teens) all laughing and enjoying themselves together! John had obviously prepared in advance, entertaining us with jokes specifically for us.

I asked other members of our board for their comments:

“With a comedian, you take a chance because you don’t know how funny they will be. John Felts did not disappoint. He was funny, topical and very engaging. I would highly recommend John Felts.”

“He was hysterical! He was funny, clean, and very easy to work with. He got there early to set up to make sure everything worked. Oh, and did I mention he was FUNNY?”

If you are looking for someone to entertain your group, you cannot go wrong with John Felts.”

Topsail High School Music Boosters
Hampstead, NC

“John Felts was amazing!! What an awesome comedian!! Such an extremely funny, professional, and personable individual. Everyone from the church that attended the event is still talking and laughing about him – so much fun!! Highly, highly recommend John Felts for any event!!”

Women’s Leadership Team Staff
Church Date Night
Maysville, GA

“John Felts did an amazing job engaging with our students! He took the time to research specifics about our school and integrated that into his stand up. Lots of laughter and everyone had a great time. Would highly recommend!”

Director of Campus Activities
Campus Comedy Show
Azusa, CA

“John Felts was fantastic!! He was the best comedian we have had at the convention. Our members are still talking about him and their favorite jokes in his show. I highly recommend John.”

Executive Director
53rd Annual Convention
Hot Springs, AR

“John Felts was not only funny, but extremely professional and personable. Our group was mixed in ages and backrounds. He made the night so very personal by adding elements of our church with some study he did online. I truly hope to work with him again. A++”

Church Comedy Night
West Chester, PA

“John Felts was funny and adapted his show to the audience. He did research about who was there so the audience felt like they were a part of the show.”

Youth Pastor
Youth Event
Matthews, NC

“John Felts was very personable with our group, taking time to meet with and joke with everyone after the event, I really appreciated that. He also did a great job of presenting material that was appropriate for our variety of age groups/couples. EVERYONE was enjoying his comedy and thought he was funny and felt engaged. Thank you for your time, especially after some flight delays/cancellations, it meant a lot to us that he made such an effort.”

Planning Committee
Church Valentine’s Dinner
Ramsey, MN

“John Felts did a fantastic job at our fundraising event! Our crowd had a wide range of ages and he managed to get everyone laughing! It was a very clean act that worked perfectly for our church crowd. John was very organized, put forth effort to learn about us beforehand, and was a joy to work with. We would definitely recommend him!”

Event Planning Committee
Annual Fundraiser
Cascade, IA

“John Felts was so fun to work with. We laughed till we cried. He studied our church and it made it personable. We enjoyed every minute. We look forward to having John back in the future.”

Valentines Event
Pentecostals of Cooper City
Cooper City, FL

“John Felts was awesome and on point!! Kept our group entertained and laughing the whole night! Would definitely recommend and will invite him back.”

Houston Parts Leader
Awards Banquet
Houston, TX

“John Felts’ comedy show was exactly what we were looking for and more. John was the perfect mix of comedy and real conversation about current issues in our personal lives and in our world. On top of that, John Felts is just a great person to hang out with. John genuinely wanted to know about the church and how it was doing. John also wanted to know about the community so that he could fit the overall show to the community to touch as many people with laughter as possible. His personal touches, stories, and relevancy reached the oldest woman in our audience right down to the teenage students. Would we highly recommend John Felts? OH YEAH!!”

NextGen Pastor
Comedy Night
Burlington, NC

“John Felts performed at one of our Winter Youth Retreats in front of a multi-denominational audience of about fifteen youth groups from churches across the Southeastern US. The youth and adults alike laughed constantly as he shared jokes and observations about parenting, youth group leadership and particiaption, church life, school life, marriage and more. He took time before his show to learn more about who was present in the audience and drew from that to ensure the audience felt he knew and understood them. He communicated well prior to the engagement, was on time for the show, worked well with our event leaders and tech crew, and showed real interest in our organization. I will certainly consider booking him again.”

Program Director
Youth Winter Retreat
Lake Junaluska, NC

“John Felts was hilarious and spoke so well into family dynamics, interests our people have, life situations, and more. Our folks were laughing constantly, but the feedback we heard most was how much it meant to them that John took some of his own time to learn a little bit about the church and the area and be able to play off of that. To start out in a personal way and connect with our people on that level went over more than we can express. It was funny and light ribbing, but so meaningful in how it was tailored to our specific lives. We could not recommend John enough. Not only was he everything we just mentioned, he is an outstanding human as well. He was so gracious and helpful in working with our tech crew and the needs that he had for his show. He was humble as can be and helped make the day truly enjoyable all the way around. We still have people talking about it and will definitely be considering having him back in the future.”

Director of Children’s Ministry
New Years Eve Event
Chuluota, FL

“We brought John Felts in as our late night entertainment for our youth retreat. John Felts was super easy to work with from the get go. He was a great addition to our retreat this year. He related really well to middle school and high school students. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great clean comedy act.”

Breakthru Retreat
Birmingham, AL

“John Felts entertained at our company Christmas party. He was super funny, clean and played to a wide audience. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience with him.”

Senior Vice President
Company Christmas Party
Pendleton, IN

“This was our second year to have John Felts as our Christmas party entertainment. We were not disappointed. John is extremely funny. Very personable and always a joy to have. If you are looking for someone who will take a personal approach to your event and and keep your group entertained, I highly recommend John Felts.”

Christmas Party
Denison, TX

“I have spent most of this morning receiving compliments and positive feedback from the employees on the performance. John Felts was personable and had the room rolling in laughter. He was very professional and easy to work with and I would love to book him for any future events we have.”

Accounting Specialist
Company Christmas Party
Alpharetta, GA

“John Felts did a fabulous job! He did a great job personalizing his presentation to our staff. He took the information we gave him and worked well with it. He was very easy to work with. He kept everyone entertained! We would love to have him again and highly recommend him to others!”

Marketing Director
Company Christmas Party
New Albany, MS

“John Felts gave a great performance at our Bank’s employee Christmas Party! Everyone is still talking about how much they enjoyed the evening. I was impressed that he customized his performance to our group and also that he visited with employees during our dinner. Definitely recommend him for company events!”

Human Resources Director
Employee Christmas Dinner
Grundy, VA

“We hired John Felts to do a 45 minute routine at a community picnic which was attended by approx. 100 people. John did an great job. He looked into the background of the group to personalize his material which was a big hit. He interacted very nicely with our audience, especially given that it was outside. Everyone I talked to afterwards really enjoyed him. John was also extremely easy to work with. He was prompt, very personable one on one, and worked hard to help make our event a success.I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fun hour of comedy for everyone.”

Joe Calla
Brunswick Forest
Leland NC

“John Felts was so great to work with. Not only did he kill his comedy routine, but he was so polite and fun to be around. The crowd loved him. We will definitely bring him back to our campus again.”

Assistant Director of Student Activities and Involvement
Campus Comedy Show
Berrien Springs, MI

“John Felts did a wonderful job of localizing his presentation. He included local points of interest and people from the audience appreciated it. Very friendly and easy to work with.”

VP of Development
Comedy Night Fundraiser
Rock Springs, WY

“John Felts did an amazing job! We didn’t have the turn out that we had hoped and even with a smaller crowd, he entertained with great relevant jokes. He arrived as planned and was very professional and friendly. Our family talked about some of his jokes even after we were back at the house. Would highly recommend him!”

Annual Scholarship Fundraiser
Paris, TX

“John Felts did a great job. He was so easy to work with, doing everything just as we had asked him. Our crowds really liked him.”

Executive Director
Fundraising Banquet
Selinsgrove, PA

“John Felts was great and I highly recommend him. He is energetic and funny and he played well to a room that ranged in age from infant to grandparent. The audience laughter was nonstop through the entire show. He is especially good at taking the time to personalize his jokes to church or city where he is performing. He is also very good with audience interaction. He’s very quick witted. He is also very professional and very easy to work with.”

Campus Ministry Fundraiser
Memphis, TN

“John Felts did an excellent job. Very funny and interactive with the audience.”

Children’s Director
Pre-Revival Meeting
Parkersburg, WV

“This was the 2nd time we had John Felts at our parish for an event. He is very energetic and engaging. He knows his audience really well, and is very personable yet professional. He takes a lot of time getting to know the area and personalizes his routine to engage the crowd. I would recommend him for any group event. He is a wonderful comedian and entertainer. So very pleased!”

Director of Religious Education
Religious Education Orientation
Belgium, WI

“I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed John Felts and his comedy. He was so well prepared and his jokes were fresh. He helped us laugh at ourselves and look at the humorous side of who we are. It was laugh out loud funny – over and over again. As a matter of fact days after the event we are still laughing. We are trying to plan another event just so we can have John back again. I highly recommend John Felts for any group that wants to laugh and have a great time. Additionally John is easy to work with and he was a pleasure to meet. We know that anyone how invites John to be apart of their events will be thoroughly satisfied.”

Dinner Gathering
Richmond, VA

“John Felts did an outstanding job for our event. His material was personalized to our audience. I could tell he took time to research our area and tailor his performance to our people, our area and our event. He interacted with our audience well, especially given that it was outside and dark. Everyone I talked to afterwards loved him. John was also extremely easy to work with. He was prompt, very personable one on one, and worked hard to help make our event a success.I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fun evening of clean comedy.”

Assistant to Pastor
Back to School Bash
Kaufman, TX

““REFRESHING!” – over and over that was the phrase we heard from our church volunteers when talking about the banquet we hosted for them with John Felts as the entertainment. The personal touch he added with his thorough research of our church is what made his performance like no other. John was very funny, professional, and personable. He interacted with our people not only during the performance but before and afterward. We actually had a few volunteers think he was a new volunteer. I will definitely be recommending him to all of my Pastor friends. We believe, like the Bible says, “laughter is medicine” and we all got an overdose that night!!”

Volunteer Appreciation Event
Decatur, AL

“John Felts did a fabulous job in helping our event become a huge success. He was very personable to our area and to our organization. He took the time to research our company and even cracked a few jokes regarding our Facebook profile which was awesome. He was very engaging with our audience and even brought someone on the stage to interact with. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a clean, full of laughter and all around great comedian. He shares funny stories of his family life that we can all relate to. I will definitely hire him again in the future for any comedian show/event we have. The feedback from our audience was great. Thank you John! You rocked it.”

Comedy Night Fundraiser
Fitchburg, MA

“John Felts has to be one of the most personable and talented people we’ve hosted in 3+ years of weekly coffee house events and concerts. The extra mile he went to get to know us before he arrived resulted in roaring laughter from the first moments he took the stage. As a public speaker & pastor I was repeatedly astounded at how well John spun even the most unexpected opportunities into howling laughter. Most of us were too busy trying to breathe to wipe away the tears! (in a good way that is, lol) We needed a good laugh and John gave us so much more than that – this was just epic. In fact, I suspect several of the children in the front row have felt a call to become professional comedians themselves… We’re still praying about that, and looking forward to his next visit. He is much more than a laughter-craftsman. John is a genuinely a good man.”

Coffeehouse Ministry Event
Chester, VT

“John Felts was so great to work with! He is professional, down to earth, and extremely relatable. His performance was great! Our congregation LOVED him and are already asking when he will be back! John is very talented, extremely funny, but most of all – real. Everyone could get his jokes, and everyone left with a smile on their face. We can’t wait to bring John back again!”

Director of Student Ministries
Comedy Night
Barnegat, NJ

“John Felts nailed it and our group was still talking about his performance at the end of our convention. John’s ability to personalize his show, adjust quickly when needed, and feed off on how the audience was responding to his material is a true testament of his character and professionalism. Well done and I hope we have an opportunity to have him at a future convention.”

Convention Chair
Annual Meeting
Williamsburg, VA

“John Felts was incredible fun, intentional and thorough in his research & his jokes about our organization. He arrived early to make sure he was all set up with tech. It was an amazing night, and John was certainly one of the highlights for everyone. He engaged with the audience authentically & was super easy going.”

Connections & Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Canton, MI

“John Felts was funny and fit in great with our group. I was impressed that he had done research on our association and created some PowerPoint slides specific to us. Great job!”

Annual Community College Training Agencies Conference
Ocean Isle, NC

“John Felts provided us with exactly what we were looking for and more! Our goal was to provide an evening of fun and fellowship for our congregation and just enjoy being together. John masterfully made that happen! He communicated well before the event, arrived on time, and captured our folks full attention from the moment he walked on stage. He was very engaging, funny, and professional. The hour flew and I would definitely recommend him to any church or group looking for an evening of clean fun and laughter.”

Senior Pastor
Renewal Weekend
Winston-Salem, NC

“John Felts was fantastic to work with! He connected with our group on and off stage, keeping everyone in a great mood and always laughing. John was very professional and very much entertaining for the whole 60 minute performance. Its been a week since he performed and some of our leaders are still making comments about how good his performance was. This was our group’s first time hiring a comedian and because of our great experience with John Felts we will incorporating more comedians into our last meetings each year. I would recommend John to any company gathering.”

Annual Meeting
Devils Lake, ND

“John Felts was great to work with before, during and after the show. Our Club members enjoyed his entire show and stayed around to talk more with him after the show. He did a great job interacting with the members. Everyone had a blast.”

Events Coordinator
Member Comedy Night
York, PA

“Our experience with John Felts was outstanding. He was very professional, personal, arrived early, and was very funny! I would definitely have him back again.”

Senior Pastor
Valentine’s Banquet
Dothan, AL

“John Felts was amazing to work with! He connected with me before the event to make sure he tailored his performance to our group (including “inside intel” about our Staff, Church and Town). In a room of 200 people, with ages ranging from 20 to 75+, John related to all in the audience and had us laughing from his first joke to his last! There was such a fun and positive vibe in the room, and it was clear that John is a master at connecting with his audience! The morning after our event, the church was a buzz and many were requesting that we bring John back for future events!”

Director of Communications & Special Events,
Valentine’s Date Night
West Lawn, PA

“John Felts was very easy to work with leading up to our event and that set the tone for everything to follow. John was incredibly professional and also quite funny. It was nice to have a clean comedian that could make everyone in the room laugh without going blue. John connected with our audience and did a great job of keeping people engaged. A great talent, John would be perfect at any company event.”

Development Coordinator
Company Party
Amery, WI

“John Felts was fantastic both on and off the stage. He communicated frequently with us in the weeks before the event and mingled with our congregation when he got there. It is hard to find someone who excels at clean humor and John met our expectations and more. He was incredibly funny and took the time to customize his show to our church and community. John had over 200 people laughing and we sent him off with a standing ovation!”

Director of Volunteers
Volunteer Appreciation Night
Fairfield, CT

“John exceeded my expectations. He responded to emails, texts, etc in a timely manner, even though it was his busy season. He was early to the church, which allowed our production team to be ahead of schedule. He was very professional as well as very personable. He made his show reflect who we are as a church, which was awesome. Our church was over the top excited that he was here and related very well to his show. They got into it. We will definitely have John Felts back to our church for future events and I will recommend him to anyone.”

Lead Pastor
New Year’s Eve Service
New Bern, NC

“John Felts is a great guy and it made for a great evening! Very personable and immensely funny. He took time to familiarize himself with our group and when the jokes started rolling it was like the show was custom made for us! We will definitely be having him back. Please tell John how much we loved his act and appreciated his wonderful personality and humor!”

Refuge Church
Christmas Party
Denison, TX

“Our entertainer John Felts was perfect for our event. Very funny guy!! John introduced himself to me when I arrived at the party so I didn’t have to worry about him showing up. He was all set up and had coordinated sound and video with the staff. I have received several comments from my employees on how much they enjoyed his show and the fact that it was a clean show with no profanity or inappropriate innuendos. I would highly recommend John Felts.”

President & CEO
Company Christmas Party
Oklahoma City, OK

“John was entertaining, easy going and overall a perfect fit or our company party. He was early to the party and very professional when he arrived. John was easy to work with and took the time to connect with our employees. His research on the company was spot on and made the jokes that much better! Everyone enjoyed the party and several employees told me this was their favorite Christmas party so far and they have never laughed that much. John was truly entertaining!”

PHA & Safety Coordinator
Company Christmas Party
Pampa, TX

“John Felts arrived early and mingled with our employees. He has such a great personality that everyone was liking him even before the program started. John’s performance was hilarious and appropriate for our mixed group. The employees are still talking about him. I would definitely recommend John.”

Company Christmas Party
Radford, VA

“John is simply everything you could ask for in an entertainer. HILARIOUS, fun, professional yet casual, and incredibly easy to work with. Our entire team loved him and raved for a week about how funny he was, and he was the perfect addition to our event, the highlight for most people who were surveyed.

On the planning side, John is very attentive and does an excellent job of customizing his performance. He made our group feel like he was simply one of us, which payed off big with lots of laughs. Again, I have to emphasize how easy it was working with John and how he simply OVER DELIVERED and EXCEEDED all of our expectations.

If you’re considering bringing in John for your event, do yourself a favor and just do it. Our group was a mixed bag of people, and everyone LOVED him. We will definitely look to bring him back in the future, and I can’t imagine and environment he wouldn’t be great in.”

Journey Church
Volunteer Appreciation Night
Huntersville, NC

“I work for a Christian college ministry at UNCW and this is the third year we have invited John to perform at our Thanksgiving event. For weeks leading up to the event, we had students calling to make sure he was coming back and the night of the event the room was completely packed. He is funny, relatable, professional, easy to work with, and we completely trust him on stage. This event has turned into one of our biggest of the semester and we are looking forward to having John back in the future. For anyone looking for a trustworthy, entertaining comedian, I would highly recommend John.”

Annual Holiday Celebration
Wilmington, NC

“John did an outstanding job. We all had great things to say about him. He was professional and very funny. He did a great job relating to the audience to the event and situation. We will definitely use your service and John again. The whole experience exceeded our expectations.”

Aberdeen Area Association of REALTORS
Annual Banquet
Aberdeen, SD

“John was a fabulous presence for our event. His humor was spot on and we loved how well he tied his jokes in with the happenings on campus. He was extremely courteous and professional, prompt, and very easy to work with. He had the audience in stitches for the whole show – building an instant rapport with them. We would be delighted to have him back any time.”

Central Methodist University
Center for Faith and Service- Campus Concert
Fayette, MO

“We had a wonderful time with John Felts at our Farm-City Week Dinner. He was super! He arrived early, mingled with the crowd, picked out some great ones to pull up on stage, and made everyone feel right at home. The audience LOVED the dyslexic card trick. Too funny. We would recommend John to any group. Super super professional.”

Anson County Cooperative Extension
Farm-City Week Banquet
Wadesboro, NC

“We absolutely enjoyed John Felts so much!! I feel certain he is the best entertainer we’ve had yet. John exceeded our expectations and made everyone laugh! He arrived when he said he would, very professional and courteous, and connected to the audience right away. We couldn’t have been happier, John was fantastic!!
Here’s an email we received following the evening with John Felts:”
“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last night’s dinner! The food was good & I really enjoyed the comedian! That he came from my home state just added to the enjoyment! haha! Thanks for planning & having this dinner. I thought it was a good turnout! I’m not sure if John was expecting so many senior citizens, but he had a good handle on Robson Ranch! HaHa!! Thanks again for a very enjoyable evening!”

Argyle United Methodist
Dinner Date Night
Argyle, TX

“John was brilliant! We absolutely loved him. He was a joy to work with before, during, and after the performance. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone who attended. He was so funny and relevant that everyone of every age was laughing. He was absolutely professional through every conversation we had with him and it made me confident I had made a good choice with him. He really exceeded every expectation that I had. I have been approached several times by community and church members telling me how much they loved him and what a great show it was. I literally had a hard time walking through service the next morning from people hugging and thanking me for finding him. They were still laughing and smiling about his show the next day! Before he even arrived, I knew he had put in so much effort to learn about this community and do research. I was so impressed with him. I could honestly go on for an hour about it lol. How much time you got this morning? I’ve had lots of people already ask if I’d bring him back next year. I’d bring him back WEEKLY if I could. I wish there were adjectives I could think of that were better than great, awesome, wonderful. We were able to raise about $2,500 the scholarship fund and I just could not be happier.”

Epworth United Methodist Church
Family Comedy Night
Jesup, GA

“Just wanted to give you my comments about John Felts at our convention. He was absolutely awesome! He exceeded my expectations! His promptness, professionalism, personality and connection to the audience was spot on! His material was SO very funny. As the event planner for this event, I looked around the room while he was performing to see the response and EVERYONE WAS LAUGHING! It was good, clean material – and he was just plain hilarious! And what a fine young man to talk to. I fully expect to see him succeed in his field! I will be glad to give a reference, if needed. It would be my pleasure.”

Century 21
Statewide Conference
Daytona Beach, FL

“We love John Felts, he was Awesome. His comic genius is second to none. He was very professional. He interacted with the crowd very well. He personalized the performance in our area to make it more heart felt. After the performance John took time out to spend with the people one on one. We were very impressed with his talent and personality. John kept in good communication with me through the whole time. We will definitely have him back. We thank him for making this a great experience for us. We also would like to Thank Larry Weaver Entertainment for being so professional and organized through this whole process.”

Christ Central
Church Comedy Night
Lake City, FL

“Oh my gosh – John Felts was amazing. He was so personable, friendly and extremely entertaining. I don’t think anyone stopped laughing once. He is so talented and funny and we were impressed with his ability to make the performance so personalized to our area and also be able to gear it towards an audience of varied faiths and ages. He also spent time afterwards with us for refreshments and made himself available for questions or just to talk. He really impressed everyone with his talent and personality. We were talking about having him come back in the fall if he is available. This was my first experience working with a talent agency or having a performer come to our parish. Thank you for making it such a great experience. Larry Weaver Entertainment was very accommodating, organized, friendly and easy to work with. I’ve also been spreading the word as well about your agency to other group leaders.”

Director of Religious Education
Divine Savior Parish Faith
Fun and Family Night
Fredonia, WI

“Our evening went well and John Felts was a big part of that. The response to his show was excellent and he was able to connect with the crowd. I wouldn’t hesitate to use John again in the future. Thanks for everything.”

Bethel Lutheran Church
Converge Youth Concert
Claremont, NC

“We recently hosted a comedy night at our church to help encourage and address diversity among the body of Christ. John really knocked it out of the park and did such a great job creating an atmosphere that was fun and engaging across multiple cultures. John is truly a phenomenal comedian and his work is top notch. We look forward to having him back again!”

The Bridge Church
Comedy Night
Wilmington, NC

“John Felts was a big hit at our gala. The audience loved him and cannot stop talking about him. He was very personable with our group and we felt like he was one of us. Thanks again for helping to make our event a success. I look forward to working with Mr. Felts in the future.”

Fayetteville SDA
Family Life Fundraiser Gala
Fayetteville, NC

“The comedy of John Felts was a big hit at our event. He was very prompt and fit in with our audience very well. The presentation was very good and he used the information I gave him very effectively. The whole experience enhanced our event. Overall, we were very pleased. Thank you. Blessings!”

Destiny Christian Center
Volunteer Appreciation Event
Muncie, IN

“John was great at communicating with us before and after the event. Everyone had a wonderful evening!! The feedback has been very positive – yet again!! John is super to work with and has such a gift of improv. He just rolls with things and works off the crowd perfectly. This is the second time we have hosted John and have been extremely pleased both times. The folks who had heard him the first time were very excited when we announced he was returning, and they were not disappointed! Crowd size was great despite basketball games going on simultaneously at the school, which is attached to the church. Thank you and we look forward to working with John again in the future!”

Church of Christ Mountain View
Comedy Concert
Winchester, VA

“It was Fantastic! Things went smoothly and we received positive feedback from students. John was very communicative before and after the event, easy to work with, and definitely delivered on stage. We would definitely have him back again.”

Andrews University
Comedy Night
Berrien Springs, MI

“Everything went great with the event. We had a good turnout and were very happy with John’s performance. John was great! His content was appropriate for our campus. He contacted us ahead of the show to get some inside info on our campus and did a good job of incorporating that into his performance. John did a good job of keeping the energy up the whole time.”

Spring Arbor University
Comedy Night
Spring Arbor, MI

“John absolutely rocked our crowd of 1000 middle and high school students! Within seconds of taking the stage he had their attention and had them laughing. I’ve seen many able to hold that attention for a few quips but John’s attention to detail, his preparation, and his understanding of his audience had students and leaders alike laughing for the entire time. His professionalism left me with no doubts. His willingness to get to know our mission and vision for our event helped greatly in assuring our leaders that this comedy would be clean and tasteful… and funny. Without question, we look forward to having John back in the future.”

180 Weekend
Bethlehem Church
Gastonia, NC

“John Felts was hilarious! He was easy to work with, was on time and didn’t mind waiting around a little bit for the show to start. He was very funny, very interactive with the audience and made everyone laugh. He even made time to spend time with our clients after the show was over. We would definitely hire him again!”

Legacy Retirement Group
Company Christmas Party
Plain City, OH

“John Felts was outstanding to work with. Very funny and a great communicator. He was organized, easy going and interactive with the crowd. I was really pleased that he researched our company ahead of time and delivered custom content. We’ll definitely book him again!”

VMware, Inc.
Annual Holiday Party
Chapel Hill, NC

“We were very pleased with John Felts, he did a fabulous job performing for our Leaders Christmas Banquet. We had close to 300 attending and have received all positive comments and feedback. It was a success, thank you! Larry Weaver Entertainment was absolutely wonderful to work with, very helpful and timely in all matters. Professional, kind and courteous and helpful, thank you for all your assistance in helping us find the right person for our banquet.”

Southwestern Ohio District Church of the Nazarene
District Leaders Christmas Banquet
Cincinnati, OH

“John Felts was great. We were impressed with how prepared he was – you could tell he definitely did his research and it was great how he customized the show for us. He arrived in plenty of time to prepare and made himself at home. Employees really enjoyed his show – they like to laugh. It’s getting increasingly harder to find comedians/entertainers that are appropriate for our conservative setting and he was great. Thanks again for helping to make our Christmas party a success.”

Essenhaus, Inc.
Annual Employee Christmas Banquet
Elkhart, IN

“Everyone enjoyed John Felts and his performance. We provided him with some information about our employees and he did a little of his own research during the dinner to come up with some very funny one-liners. Once again we were extremely happy with the entertainment provided by your service. Thank you for providing clean event humor.”

Maymead, Inc.
Company Christmas Dinner
Boone, NC

“John Felts was fantastic! His pre-event communication was excellent, gathering community and church information to personalize his performance. He was prompt, professional, co-operative and thorough in his preparation. He arrived an hour or more before the event for light and sound check, and gave a stellar performance that was enjoyed by all. I think he was the most well-prepared comedian we have hosted. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Family Worship Center
Annual Appreciation Banquet
Kokomo, IN

“John was a perfect fit for our company! From the time that we started to correspond via email and phone, to the very end he was extremely professional, friendly, detailed, and “all about us” in making our evening a success. I arranged to meet him in the ballroom prior to his performance to make sure that everything was to his liking and he was not only prompt, but early. I had provided him with specific details on some of the members of our audience and he was able to incorporate the information nicely into his routine and it was extremely well received. I had an excellent vantage point to watch the majority of the audience, including our Executive Director and our Board of Commissioners’ responses, and they were thoroughly enjoying their selves from start to finish. When I arrived at work this morning I had emails from our staff telling me how much fun they had and how funny John was. As you state in your book, it wasn’t the food that had them taking, it was John! I would highly recommend John many times over to any other company or organization who is looking for entertainment. A+++++”

Renewable Water Resources
Annual Compliance Dinner
Greenville, SC

“We had a fantastic Homecoming and I have received nothing but rave reviews about John Felts. He did his homework to learn about Judson University before arriving and utilized the unique components of Judson in his routine. He even used a couple of pictures from our website and the students just loved the fun he poked at their university. Homecoming could be a unique challenge for a comedian as the audience is comprised of both current students as well as alumni from different generations. However, his humor was enjoyed by all as much of the jokes were personal to a common experience. John arrived in advance of his scheduled time and took the opportunity to connect with some students as well as the Tech Producer for the event. John made sure that none of his jokes would be inappropriate by running some of them by me in advance of his performance. Needless to say, he was always appropriate, yet very funny. John was excellent and I would highly recommend him to any group.”

Judson University
Elgin, IL
Homecoming Weekend

“The performance was great. We had 600 in attendance and John had them laughing from start to finish. John was top notch to work with. He contacted me weeks before the show date to get some “inside” information on our school. After he got that info, he called me to talk through some of the finer points of our traditions to make sure that the audience would “get the joke.” I could tell from his questions that he knew what he was doing and that reassured me and helped with promotion. John used the right amount of material to connect with the audience – based off of the information we spoke about – and transitioned well into his set. I was impressed with how seamlessly he moved from topic to topic all night. After the show, John met with people in the lobby and as I was observing from a distance, it was very clear that he cared to know each person he spoke with. He was courteous and professional. I would recommend John Felts to any other school or company looking for a night of laughter. I will certainly consider having him back on campus.”

Harding University
Family weekend
Searcy, AR

“For the last couple of years, we have had John as one of the main elements of entertainment for our incoming (freshmen) student orientation activities. In my opinion, he is an incredible entertainer and comedian. He was able to easily connect with our students and has weaved together shows that involved some of the nuances of being a college student at Cairn. Given that college age students are sometimes a difficult group to engage, he not only interacted with them at times during his show, but also took time afterward to talk with anyone willing to meet with him. The students always find him to be incredibly entertaining even to the point that during our 2015 fall orientation we had upperclassmen “crash” the event to get the opportunity to hear John’s comedy. The typical comments we hear from the students after his show include words such as: fun, exciting, hilarious, awesome, etc. Overall, his performance is always appreciated by both the students and staff that attend, and we can’t wait to have him back next year!”

Cairn University
New Student Orientation
Philadelphia, PA

“John Felts was awesome! He: was responsive, kept in communication with us several times before the gala, was on time for the dress rehearsal as requested, worked well with the emcee, made up great jokes ahead of time and on the fly based on what was happening at the time (shows me he was paying attention), had great energy during his performance, and was well dressed (dark suit at the black tie optional event). We had great feedback from gala attendees (thought he was funny). Jokes were appropriate, relevant and clean. It was a pleasure working with John on this gala and we thank him and you for your willingness to help with this element of entertainment.”

International Special Events Society
Trinity Awards Gala
Raleigh, NC

“John Felts was absolutely amazing! He exceeded our expectations when he had completed his performance. He involved the crowd which everyone loved. He also used a wide variety of material to ensure he targeted all of the audience. John also took time before the dinner had started to socialize with the crowd and that probably enabled him to include them in some of his show. He stayed afterwards and interacted with everyone and was very professional for the entire evening. Again, we thoroughly enjoyed having him for our guest at our event and look forward to working with him again.”

Claiborne Economic Partnership – CEO
Annual Chamber Banquet
Tazewell, TN

“We were honored to be entertained by comedian John Felts. He arrived several hours before the show to check in with our group to ensure everything was set up and to ask any questions he had to ensure a successful performance. He also allowed us time to ask him questions we might have. John asked our Association’s officers about our group to get a feel for what folks at our conference did in order to try to better enhance the audience’s enjoyment. John then arrived early for the show. He sat at one of the reception tables and interacted with those at the table which they very much enjoyed. Later, he was able to incorporate a sense of bonding into the show based on his interaction with the attendees at that table. John’s comedic delivery was unique, timely and absolutely hilarious. John’s comedy was also clean, fresh and moved along without dragging. The audience enjoyed him incorporating his life experiences into his jokes. John was sensitive to the audience. Most of his jokes and stories fit well with most any general audience and were very well received. Our attendees are very diverse, so this worked well. John himself was courteous, professional, engaging, funny, witty and did a great job of keeping the audience involved. I think what I enjoyed most was how very obvious it was that John loves his job and enjoys people. Our group all stayed for the entire performance and gave him a great ovation. A true credit to John connecting with those in attendance. Much thanks to both John Felts and Larry Weaver Entertainment. It was a pleasant experience and very easy going.”

NC TIDE – Entertainment Committee Chair
Annual Conference
Wilmington, NC

“Everything went well at the Junior-Senior Banquet last week. John Felts was a hit with the audience. The students were making favorable comments about him and the event as they talked on Monday.

Wayne Christian School
Junior-Senior Banquet
Goldsboro, NC

“John Felts exceeded my expectations. He sat with a table of coaches and interacted with them before his show and did a great job of making it personal! He arrived over an hour in advance of his scheduled performance and did a thorough venue and sound check, and also cordially greeted and met with everyone involved in the event. He is a genuinely nice guy and was very kind and respectful with everyone he met. He was at his best when he was riffing off what he picked up on about them personally from comments they had made earlier, what they were wearing or how they reacted to a joke or comment he made on the stage. He made a real effort to learn our community and connect with it. Everyone present had a great time and all the feedback has been very positive. He made us look good. Funny, kind and professional, things we would all like to project! I give my personal endorsement of him and his show to anyone inquiring!” – Area Director,

Golden Isles Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Coaches Night Out
Brunswick, GA

“John Felts was exactly what I was hoping for. He exceeded my expectations and did a superb job during his performance. His connection with the audience was dynamic and real, his material was funny and relevant and original. He was very low maintenance and needed very little from us. He reflects very highly on your agency and I know that people in the audience were thinking how they might be able to bring him to an event of their own. Nobody laughs enough about good and healthy things. John helped us do this!”

Office for Marriage & Family Life Director, Catholic Diocese of Springfield, IL
Valentine’s Day Celebration
Springfield, IL

“John Felts was amazing, he called several times and communicated with us in a way that I am not use to. I absolutely loved everything about John. I know it is important to have critical feedback, but the truth is he over delivered in every area. We were blessed to have him. We have had several comedians over the past several years, and everyone felt that John was the best yet. I also felt that the Agency was very professional and easy to work with.”

Calvary Christian Church
Church Valentine’s Dinner
Hartford City, IN

“Mike was fantastic! His interaction with the audience was great, his material was clean AND funny, and everyone who attended has raved about his performance! We found Mike to be an all around nice guy. We’ll definitely call on Clean Getaway Comedy again in the future.”

Lisa Young
Gateway Church Valentines Event
Wilmington, NC

“Mike did great! I really liked that he hung out too. He didn’t just come in, perform, and leave. He sat at the table with some law enforcement families, afterwards he talked to lots of different people. He was very personable. He was so funny! We were all laughing hysterically. My friend was sitting with him and just assumed he was an officer friend of someone’s at the table, so when he stood up to do his performance she was shocked. Everyone loved it and raved about it! Mike was super professional, very friendly, and crazy funny I, of course, wanted him to knock it out the park, since the whole thing was my suggestion, and I felt like he did just that. Thanks so much for everything!”

Beth Pence
Gateway Church Valentines Event
Wilmington, NC

“It was our pleasure to host John Felts. Everyone at our event had a wonderful time. I have received feedback from so many people at our church. In many cases, people have emailed our staff directly and through our church website just to tell us about how much fun they had at our event. That is great to hear almost instant positive feedback from so many different people. We had about 170 in attendance and everyone had a blast. If you ever need a positive reference for John Felts or your agency, then please feel free to have anyone call me. Since this is only our second year to have this event, during the planning stages our staff had many different ideas about how we could improve from last year. However, we were all in unison with one part of the night – we knew we wanted John to come back! He did a great job, he used new material that was not a repeat of last year’s jokes, he kept it relevant and clean, and most importantly he connected with our audience immediately. I have had several couples tell me that they were on the fence when considering coming to our banquet, until they knew that John was coming back. Again, that says a lot about his performance! I have been on staff at this church for almost eleven years, and I can’t get enough of hearing the laughter from our folks! It truly came at a great time for many of our couples who just needed a night away from the kids and some great entertainment. Thank you for all you did to make our event a success, and please pass on to John Felts that we were blessed to have him back. Absolutely blessed. His great talent and gift for comedy led to much needed laughter and joy for so many people at our church. What a great night!”

Pastor of Worship and Young Adults – Oakhill Baptist Church
Sweetheart Couples Dinner
Evansville, IN

“John Felts was a wonderful fit for our fundraising event. He was timely, professional, connected well with the audience and most importantly kept everyone laughing. I even saw a few folks laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. Personally, I noticed that my cheeks were actually hurting from smiling and laughing so hard! This was our first comedy fundraising event, and I think the event planning committee easily agrees with me that we would love to have John back for another event in the future!”

Development Coordinator
Ronald McDonald House- Event Fundraiser
Jasper, IN

“This was the second time we had John Felts at our church, and he exceeded our expectations. It was so nice to work with a performer who is not only extremely talented and entertaining, but also so great to work with. It was clear from the beginning that his primary goal was to make the whole experience incredible for everyone. He was flexible to meet our needs. He is humble and professional at the same time. The kids LOVED him and the adults LOVED him. The feedback we have received has been tremendous.”

Executive Pastor
Skyline Church- Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
O’Fallon, IL

“Our church tried it’s hand at a comedy show fundraiser. It was a first for us and John and your organization made it very easy for us to entertain our members and friends plus raise the money we expected. John arrived as promised one hour before the show. I introduced him around and he immediately made friends with other members of the church and added some of their ideas into his show. Our audience was of retirement age but John connected with us. His experiences and jokes were related to what our children and grandchildren are going through so we were able to find the humor in his situations. Everyone had a great time and all thoroughly enjoyed John’s performance.”

Regina Kontoes- Board of Trustees Chair
United Church of Christ Federated Church Fundraiser
Webster, MA

“We were very pleased with John Felts. He was timely, considerate, and very funny. There were many people that told us they enjoyed him. You did a great job in taking care of all our needs. Thank you!!”

Gina Crawford- Administrative Assistant
Lamar County Chamber of Commerce Annual Chamber Banquet
Paris, TX

“John Felts performed at the midweek service at our church and from the time he stepped onto the stage, he had everyone laughing. The jokes were funny and clean; and he was professional through and through. Definitely his niche. If you’re looking for a good, Christian comic, he is definitely the man for you. You won’t be disappointed. We look forward to having him come back.”

Ruth Griffin
The River Church Durham
Durham, NC

“John did an outstanding job! He was early to the event which helped calm my nerves and he was very professional, yet personable. His stage presence was great and he really connected with the audience! We especially loved when he did the bits about our hometown and state. It was a pleasure to have him.”

Laura Salmons
Sisters for the Journey Fundraiser
North Canton, OH

“I thought John was very friendly and definitely engaged the audience extremely well. He was quick witted and funny, and was very entertaining for the entire hour. He stayed after the show and talked with and took photos with the folks. We had a great evening and we would love to have him back again!!”

Darren Foltz
Church of Christ Mountain View
Winchester, VA

“Thank you so much for being a part of our event – couples had an amazing time and a huge part of that enjoyment came from laughter. I remember hearing you say that laughter is the sixth love language and you are absolutely correct and due to the stresses that our families experience it is a language they can’t forget about that – thanks for helping them remember about it. I heard nothing but great feedback about it from staff and residents – thank you for helping us create a fun and positive energy for our event. It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to being able to do so again for future events.”

Tammy Wilbur-Hoistad
Corvias Military Living
Fort Bragg, NC

“John exceeded our expectations in every way. He was prompt, professional, and truly connected with our students. In fact one student compared him to Jonathan Winters, high praise from my perspective. His material was spot on, that is general and specific to our campus. We look forward to having him back at some point. All and all a great experience. You will be hearing from us again. Thanks!”

Dr. William J. Baker Sr. – Chief Operating Officer
Valley Forge Christian College Senior Banquet
Woodbridge, VA

“We had such a great event with John. We spoke prior to his arrival and the morning of our event. He arrived early to take a look around which was quite welcome. He was very professional and personable. His material was so relevant to our community and church. He covered a variety of subjects which all brought laughter from a wide age range. This was our churches first experience with a comedian. I think one of our pastors was a bit hesitant but shortly after John’s performance he talked about having John back when our new multi-purpose facility is complete. I certainly hope we can do that as well. I cannot say enough good things about John. He stayed a while afterwards and visited with several people. They really enjoyed him. Thank you so much for suggesting John. He was a hit. A huge thanks to John Felts for everything.”

Donna Alberts
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Aberdeen, South Dakota

“John’s performance was absolutely hysterical. Our students and staff alike enjoyed his performance. He did a great job of getting to know our school and incorporating that into his performance. We would gladly have him back any time!”

Jenna Reimer
Presidential Intern of Student Programs
Cairn University – Langhorne, PA 19047

“John did an amazing job! Our audience loved having him here. His approach was perfect for our event, and he did a great job of making many of his jokes very specific to our event and even our area. This is my first experience hiring a comedian. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I was very nervous that this would end up being a train wreck. However, John’s performance made me look like a genius! He nailed it! People loved it! I would give John a glowing review any time you need it. You can even have people call me. Great guy, Great comedy, and Great night! Our people were literally forming a line to get to John after the show to tell him how much they enjoyed it! We had a audience in age ranges from young couples to senior adults. EVERYONE enjoyed John’s performance.”

Jason Woolsey
Oakhill Baptist Church – Pastor of Worship and Young Adults
Sweetheart Couples Dinner
Evansville, IN

“If you don’t already know the name John Felts, soon you will, it’s just a matter of time. There is no better stand up working today! Whether you need comic relief at your conference, wedding or gala, look no further.

My fiancée and I wanted a comedian to liven up our wedding reception. John’s performance etched memories that will linger forever. Our guests of young, old, black and white were left with ear to ear grins, smiles, and gut splitting laughter after John’s 2o minute performance. We gave John tidbits on key members of the wedding party. He took those nuggets and developed a personalized stand up show that eclipsed our every expectation. Even more important John went under cover. He circulated the wedding party for over an hour collecting intel from guests and then wrapped what he gleaned into unexpected routines and lines directed at guests that simply floored people. His material was original and customized to our wedding and its guests. This wasn’t cookie cutter comedy. It was customized comedic art.

We were introduced to John on his YouTube page, and then met with him for coffee. He was the highlight of the wedding. John has the intellectual energy to take ordinary occurrences and weave them into hilarious comedic riffs with taste, versatility and smooth execution.

I’ve studied with Gary Austin and other comedic greats at Improv workshops. I’ve seen and performed with some of the best. That’s why I say, there’s no better stand up working today.

A smiling married man,”

James Adams

“John was excellent! I can’t rave about him enough. He was a huge success with the crowd and with my boss (which certainly made me look good too!). Everyone was laughing hysterically, and he did a great job of involving the crowd. He arrived early and got to know some of the guests which helped incorporate them in his jokes. He and your company will definitely come highly recommended in the future. Thanks for all your help. He truly was hilarious and talented!”

Lindsey Harrison
Spire Investment Partners, LLC – Office Manager
McLean, VA

“John did a great job. I heard nothing but absolutely positive reviews and feedback. It was by far the most successful fundraiser we did and he played an important role in that. I would hire him again or recommend him to anyone!”

Jeremy Hyde
The Point Church – Executive Pastor
Raleigh, NC

“I gotta tell ya, John was fantastic. I had seen a couple of the youtubes and liked him but, well, you know how that goes sometimes. I spoke with him several times prior to his gig with us and each time learned more about him and his work. It was a brilliant idea for him to ask for some little bits of data about our people, our town, our church and ministry, etc, prior to his arrival. He did an amazing job including these tidbits in his act. It was a great time, fun, light….we laughed a lot. I’m extremely pleased that it was so successful. Folks were still talking about John last night, and probably will continue for a while. We’ll have him back.”

Hunter Sholar
Cary Church Of God – Worship & Arts Ministry
Cary, NC

“John did a great job relating to the kids both during the performance and at the after-event. We appreciate him sharing his talent and his story.”

Keith Langdon
Crestview High School – Program Coordinator
Convoy, OH

“John was courteous, servant-minded, and very friendly. You can tell he has a ministry background, especially with teenagers. And, he was very funny. I will definitely bring John back at a future date.”

Clark Chilton
Clemmons United Methodist Church – Student Pastor
Clemmons, NC

“We really enjoyed having John out to our university for Orientation weekend. His humor was tasteful and hilarious. Our students loved him. We would hire him back anytime!”

Martin Doman
Ave Maria University – Assistant Director of Student Life
Ave Maria, FL

“We loved John Felts! He was so easy to work with and wonderful! The youth and counselors LOVED him and he got rave reviews from our evaluations! Many of the evaluations said he was the highlight of the weekend! John was flexible and understanding! I can’t say enough great things about him! We really enjoyed having him with us at SpiritUs!!”

Amanda Thomas
Conference Co Chair
Western NC Conference of the UMC – SpiritUs Conference
Oak Island, NC

“John Felts is very versatile and flexible and can adapt to any situation quickly. We appreciated that!”

Michelle Simmons
Youth Ministries Director – Columbus Baptist Association
Tabor City, NC

“We were so impressed with John Felts! He did an outstanding job at our event. The student body and the faculty COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING! It was a night that the senior class will remember as one of the highlights of their senior year. Thank you!”

David Moore
Columbia Christian School – Dean of Students
Magnolia, Arkansas

“Thanks for sending John Felts our way!!! He was well received by staff and students. Everyone loved him! We would like to have him back for our prom on May 17th. Thanks again. He was amazing!”

Donna Gaddis
Creative Arts Director
Falcon Children’s Home, Inc.
Falcon, NC

“John Felts was Hilarious from start to finish! Our members and guests loved him! I have received tons of compliments on how great the evening was and how they haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. John covered a range of jokes that appealed to the young up to the old. We are still talking about John a week later and he has created memories for us that we can laugh about for years to come!”

Chrissy Brown
Christian Freedom Baptist
Kings Mountain, NC

“Still laughing from the Clean Comedy show Mike Santo’s performed for our Church group for our Valentine dinner gathering. The laughs started right away and never stopped till Mike left. We wanted to keep him forever. How wonderful it is to have Clean comedy in our area. As I looked around the room I saw people laughing so hard they had tears coming down. How refreshing to have a fun, belly laugh evening and sharing Christan values too. I booked Mike so I told him he better be funny, and he was. Made me look GOOD!”

Peggy Gentry
Sneads Ferry Presbyterian
Sneads Ferry, NC

“Our church had John come in for a recent Church outreach event. This was the first time that we had done an event such as this and, understandably, we were curious (and a little nervous) to see how it would go. From start to finish we were absolutely delighted. Booking was easy, and we knew what to do every step of the way. John contacted us in advance for information about our community/setting and was able to personalize the show beautifully. The night of the show everything went so smoothly – it almost felt too easy. We were looking for someone who could really relate and connect with young 20/30 somethings and he did a great job. John is extremely fun and personable and made a point to visit with our leadership team and guests both before and after the show. I know I read website reviews and wondered if they were ‘for real’…this one is. Our audience of church and community guests laughed the whole way through the show and people started asking me immediately when we could do this again and have John back. This was a super fun – ‘do again’! Thank you, John!”

Rev. Kathy French
First United Methodist Church of Paris, TX – Connections Campus
Paris, TX

“John was great! He had our employees in stitches, and they very much enjoyed his clean comedy act!! We will absolutely recommend him to others.”

Debra Townsend
Cottonwood Elementary
Lumberton, NC

“John Felts was a perfect fit for the comedy act at Ave Maria University’s New Student Orientation. Of course he was hilarious, which is always a plus when you are hiring a comedian! However, even more impressive was his ability to play on how unique Ave Maria University is, and his ability to relate to the students who come to a place like Ave Maria (a private, passionately Catholic University.) He definitely spent a lot of time researching our school, which indicates that he really loves what he does…and it shows. We also appreciated how he took the time after the show to talk to the students and spend some time with them. I definitely recommend John Felts for any Orientation event, but especially for any faith-based institution.”

Adam Fuselier
Student Activities Coordinator
Ave Maria University
Ave Maria, FL

“For any of my friends who might be looking for an entertainer for any sort of get together. John Felts spoke at our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Friday night and he was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend him. He was funny, and relevant and sweet. Good clean humor that any age group will enjoy!!”

Joyce Schneider
Dream Team Coordinator
Tree of Life Church
Naples, FL

“John did a FANTASTIC job for us. From the moment I picked him up from the airport, he was professional, funny, considerate and great to work with. He as flexible and motivated to help us make our event a success. Once he took the stage, he was HILARIOUS. He took local St. Louis things and turned them into excellent material. He was a real pro and had the audience eating out of his hand. He pushed the envelope just a little, but did not cross any lines. He was relaxed and everyone was buzzing about it and still is buzzing about it. The owner of the club we had the even at took notice. He has been around comedy for years, and actively books pros to come into his club. He thought John was very good and commented several times on that. I would be happy to provide you with a quote or whatever you want, in order to help John out in the future. And, If people want to cal me for a personal account of how he did, I would welcome that call”

Scott Milford
Associate Pastor
Skyline Community Church
O’Fallon, IL

“John did an amazing job with this event! The audience (of college students) loved him and his responses to the audience were hilarious. He was a joy to work with, and soo funny!”

Phoebe Moyer
University of North Texas – Zeta Tau Alpha
Denton, TX

“Mike Santo’s comedy really added to the fundraiser the New Song Church MOPS group recently held. Mike’s act was filled with good, clean humor, that had an edge to it, but did not cross the line of impropriety. Mike was great to work with, his demeanor was professional throughout the event. Mike engaged well with the crowd before, during, and after his performance. I really appreciated the time he took to spend with audience members both before and after his performance.”

Danny Rogers
Lead Pastor
New Song Church
New Bern, NC

“It was a great comedy night at the RIVERSIDE THEATERS’ Clean as a Whistle Show in Rockford TN the night John Felts performed. Funny from start to finish, he kept us laughing the whole show. He made a lot of new friends that night and everyone knew they were watching a GREAT COMEDIAN that will be around a long time. Riverside Theater got so many calls to “have him back! SO GET BACK TO ROCKFORD TN SOON JOHN”

Caryn Geren
Owner, Proprietor
Riverside Theater
Rockford, TN

“We have had John twice now for our church. First time for an evening of fun with our officers and spouses and second for a night at a couples retreat. On both occasions John had us in stitches! His stories are hysterical and his timing excellent. He tells great jokes but more than that he makes the everyday routines of life something to laugh about. Great comedy, great guy, you will love him!”

Rev. Steve Hein.
Pastor St. Andrews-Covenant Church
Wilmington, NC

“We hired John for our church, Springs Fellowship’s marriage conference, in Dallas, Texas. He was as sweet, as he was funny. Our couples ages ranged from early 20’s, to couples in their 70’s, and he made all of them laugh. My husband is still laughing about one joke that John told. I am so glad that we hired John for our event.”

Malinda Lugo
Administravite Assistant for Springs Fellowship Church
Dallas, TX

“Just a line to thank you for hooking our church up with John Felts. As you probably remember, John came to our church, Richland Baptist Church, in Lynnville, Tennessee and provided entertainment for our valentine’s Day Banquet. He did a great job and everyone appreciated his insight and humor….especially the younger couples. Thank you so much for helping us with this project.”

Rick Bilyeu
Church Deacon
Richland Baptist Church
Lynville, TN